Arduino used to recreate Game of Thrones song with hard drives

A guy uses an arduino nano and some clever code to make music out of spare parts, specifically the Game of Thrones song with hard drives.  See the link at the bottom for views of the process and code!

So how does it work? Floppy disk drives emit sound similar to the way a violin operates. When you pull a bow over a string, or strike it, it vibrates at certain frequency. The same thing happens with floppy disk drives. The two motors in the device — the stepper motor and read/write head — can be told what rate to vibrate using software.

After Jain selects a song, he finds a MIDI file, which translates music into computer commands. He then uploads it to Moppy, which stands for “Musical Floppy.” It’s an open-source software program hosted on GitHub.

The floppy disk drives are equipped with microcontrollers which receive that data and whirls at different rates to play a note. Only one note can be produced at a time by each drive.

Some drives play certain notes better than others. Jain’s No. 7 drive, for example, is best with bass tones. Drive No. 8 is dedicated to higher notes, and No. 2 is best for producing echo effects because it’s the quietest.

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