Make a Homemade Planter Box For Under $30


How to make your own planter box:

– Drill
– 84 – 7/8″ screws, though 3/4″ will work as well. We bought a pack of 100 screws for $3.50
– A saw to cut boards into desired lengths. If you don’t have access to a saw the lumbar department at most hardware stores will cut the boards for you either for free or for a small fee.

– We used 1/2″ thick 5.5″x 72″ cedar fence boards. These cost us $1.17 per board. To make one planter box you will need 18 boards. (We bought 20 boards per box just to be safe) The measurements are as follows:
– 7 full length uncut boards
– 4 boards – 17.5″x 5.5″
– 8 boards – 11″x 5.5″
– 1 board – 16.5″x 2″
Note: All boards above are 1/2″ thick, as previously stated

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