My Perfect Smartwatch

It feels like the anticipation keeps building, but the product never arrives. I want my freaking futuristic smartwatch! So, while I slowly rot away in patience, I’d like to share my ideal feature set for my smartwatch

1. Fitness capabilities

There’s plenty of fitness trackers out there, I have previously owned a fitbit. However, it feels inevitable they will all be integrated into your phone and smartwatch, so I wait. It should track my steps, pulse, and sleep.

2. Useful apps

Besides telling time, it should give me access to Siri-like virtual assistant. It should read my updates, facebook feeds, text messages, and phone calls. Most cooly, it should allow me to ‘throw’ my app onto a nearby screen, kind of like appletv or google chromecast.

3. Intuitively display the right info at the right time.

I realize this will be app driven, but I think this is important enough to be it’s own thing. Kind of like GoogleNow, it should know if I’m driving, to tell me about traffic, weather, or car health. If I’m in danger of running late for work in the morning, it should alert me to skip brushing my teeth.

To the world: Give me these features, good battery, fashionability, and a reasonable price tag and you got yourself a customer! Hurry!

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